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      Hi there!
      My name's Igor, I'm 21 and I'm student of video directors college. I work as a videographer. Sometimes i shoot weddings.

      But this is not important. What really matters is what happen in the world last time. Our world is roll down somewhere, and obviously not up. I used to think that only me think like that and maybe i live here in moscow and see angry people with empty eyes only here around me in my place. I started to interview people about that in Moscow, then i went to Israel. It turned that i'm not alone. A lot of people think that last time people dont respect each other. Some oldmans told me that now people are animals and before they was much kindly. And now I'd like to make a movie about how do people from different countries feel if people respect each other or not? What happend in people relationship last time and how can we overcome problems in it if it's exist.

      This idea I keep a very long time and finally I started to implement it. The most of people tell me, that only together we can overcome all the problems: "We must unite and not be alienated"
      I would like to team up with you and together we did something that would change anything in this world, that it become more good. Only if you want. I want to know what people think about that in different countries, but unfortunately i can't traveling a lot because of money and opportunites. So if you have a video camera, and you would like to join the project, take the interview at any person in your country, in English or in it's native language and ask these questions:

      1. Introduce yourself and tell me what do you do?
      2. What do you think about people relationship nowadays? (Do people respect each other or not?)
      3. what do you think should everyone do to improve relationship?
      4. What is your goal in life? How do you see the purpose of life?

      If you're interested, you can contact me with email; facebook: Igor Tashaev or and I will send you interviews I shot in Israel and Russia.

      Thanks a lot. I'm waiting for You.

      Sorry for my broken english.

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      I would put a spin on it and follow a few people that actually help strangers out. The pay it forward idea. Not just a commercial but real life people that actually do it would be cool. I would be into something like that.

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