Great Follow Focus Rig for GH2 users

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      The GH2 is an awesome camera, really awesome once you hack it. The only problem is the lack of custom made accessories for its form factor.

      A few months ago I was looking to gear up my GH2 with a nice follow focus rig for shooting video, and if anyone else out there has done the same thing, you've probably realized that there aren't quite as many options as there are for the canons.

      (or even the nikons for that matter)

      But I did come across something really nice –

      the SYSTEM ZERO Follow Focus Standard Panasonic GH2 from IDC.

      The cool thing about it is that it is actually natively designed for the GH2, and very solidly built.

      It's pretty damn awesome and very easy to adjust midshoot.  Having used it on a few shoots, I've been meaning to spread the word about it, mainly so people know that there does in fact exist some custom GH2 gear!

      I was at CES in Vegas this week and I spoke to a guy from IDC and he told me they were running a special on it too. $100 Off right now. (I paid full price for mine!)

      (I don't know how long they'll be running the special)

      Anyway, I highly recommend it, especially for impromptu shoots where you don't have a lot of assistance with the camera.

      And if you're also inclined, have a peek at my website, a lot of the work was done with this rig.

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