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      Greetings fellow videographers, I am looking for some software to produce custom graphics. To avoid confusion allow me to be a little more specific. What I'm referring to are the type of graphics that you would normally see in the sports arena that is planned out around the entire arena it's usually a strip. Typically made up of LEDs it is able to reproduce text as well as relatively high resolution graphics, such as team logos, lightning bolts etc.  On a much more grander scale the best example I can refer to is world wrestling entertainment ( WWE). I would imagine that this falls into the category of computer animation or some form of computer animation. However being new to the subject I'm not exactly sure what my starting point should be. Unfortunately, I have not seen firsthand this device or devices that are used to render the graphics. Could someone please clarify for me and point me in the right direction so that I may learn. Thank you in advance. 

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      Pretty much most of the programs from BORISFX.COM will do a really nice job of giving your logo's and graphics the "twinkle" or "glow" that you are looking for…However, they can be a bit spendy!

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      The graphics you are describing are usually created in Adobe After Effects. For the 3D elements many of them are created in After Effects using one of two plugins, either element 3d or zaxwerks 3D invigorator.

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      you tried with the affter effects?




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      For your requirement affter effects is the solution software here you can create 3D effects..

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      After Effects is a good program for the effects you describe. Very easy to use and very playful

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      basically what everyone else said. After effects is a really good program to add effects in. e.g. you can create 2.5D videos in like 5 minutes with 1 image. Its quite powerful after you learn the basics

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