graphics card compatible with cyberlink?

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      My computer has an Intel R HD Graphics 5500 card.
      The Cyberlink editing program i wish to purchase says its compatible with AMD 5000.
      Does this mean it won’t use my HD card? I am new to this process, and I dont want to spend money for an editing program that won’t use my card. Thanks.

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      What operating system are you using? The latest Cyberlink programs should work with just about anything Win7 and above. Before you buy that, consider where you have to purchase all of the add-ons — like templates, fonts, transitions, etc. — you want an NLE with “openness.” If you go to they have some Black Friday specials on Sony Vegas Movie Studio that probably beat Cyberlink’s price. You can use all kinds of third-party add-ons with Vegas, if you need any at all. What Cyberlink, AVS4You, and a few others do is lock you into what they have available for holiday themes, etc., but it may be what you are looking for.
      Vegas requires purchasing 3rd-party template packages, etc. or designing your own with a Photoshop-type program and saving them with transparent backgrounds so you can overlay the main video track.

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