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      So, I'm a graphic designer by trade, and I've recently decided to get into film and video. No hardcore training, but I'm definitely looking to learn, and I've started working on a few projects, including this one that I've included. If any of you guys have any feedback, I'd love to hear it.

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      Hi Kayode, Welcome.



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      Hey, Woody. Any thoughts on the video I posted?

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      Hi Kayode – I've also made a living as a designer, as well as a producer.  You are brave to invite criticism – I would not be so brave!  Several things come to mind after watching your production that I believe might make an improvement.  First, if the camera you are using permits it (it may not) you need to use a custom white balance.  In case you aren't familiar witgh that, it is a calibration of the color so that it looks as correct as possible, under the circumstances.  You have a strong yellow cast that results from, I am assuming, and auto white balance under incandescent light.  Google how to do a white balance with the camera you use.  The next thing I feel is that the use of slow motion would be more effective if it were sporatic, instead of continuous.  The conbination of seeing continuous slow motion and the dreamy music made me feel a little drugged.  Lastly, you have some nice people moments there.  I think that these would be even more effective if you concentrated more on the art itself, and used the interactions and reactions as accents to give them context.  I say that under the assumption that the gallery and its work are the purpose and focus of the production.  I don't know if you used maual focus, but I liked some of the pull focus shots, especially that one shot of the texture art employs this effect.  I hope this input is welcome.


      All the best.



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      Yeah, you've definitely got the eye for this. I agree with Drew in that you need to alter your white balance setting big time. I'm surprised you didn't use the Auto White Balance setting. Normally I say no to auto anything, but on the Canon cameras, the AWB is surprisingly good. Looks like you had the Daylight setting (the little sun symbol) on under tungsten lighting (that's a no-no.) If you didn't know how to set up a custom white balance (which is easy to do) then in that situation, the indoor light setting (the little light bulb symbol) should have gotten you in good color temp range. If the lighting was from CF bulbs, then you would have needed to select one of the fluorescent light settings (there should be at least two on your rig if it's a canon.) If you had the nightmare scenario of multiple light sources from different types, then yes a custom WB is what you'd need.

      Simplest way to get a CWB is to set the camera to AWB and then take a photo of something white under the dominant or mixed light source. Make sure your shadow or anything else is in the shot so fill the frame with 'white'. Once you have the photo then change your white balance from AWB to custom. Your camera will ask you to select from a photo you've taken so pick the all white one you just took. You're done! One custom whitebalance. *Note, that CWB will be effective only in that situation. If you change scenes or the lighting changes, you'll have to repeat the process.


      Lastly, invest in stabilization gear. Though a full on gymbal set up would be nice, if you're working from the lower cash end, a monopod is ideal. You would still have a bit of motion in the frame but your control over it would be much better. Shooting hand-held is a skill that takes time to master. Oh and I liked the rack focusing. Just go a bit faster and don't do it so much. But again that too will take time to master. Not bad for a newbie!

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