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Grainy video! Help!

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    Hello.  I have a real problem with getting grainy video after shooting inside my studio.  I have two 500 watt incendescent lights in front of me, and two 250 watt flourscents on the wall behind me.  I have experimented many ways on manually fixing the brightness setting, focus, low light, etc.  I cannot seem to make any progress.  Here is a breakdown of what my camera is and what I can do with it:

    Sony HDR-XR260
    Aspect Ratio 16×9
    Resolution: 1080p 60fps

    Here is what options I have to mess with:

    White Balance:  AUTO – INDOOR – OUTDOOR – ONE PUSH
    Spot Meter/Fcs:  MANUAL – AUTO
    Spot Meter: MANUAL – AUTO
    Spot Focus: MANUAL – AUTO
    Exposure: MANUAL – AUTO
    Focus: MANUAL – AUTO
    Low Lux: OFF – ON
    Tele Macro:  OFF – ON
    Auto Back Light: OFF

    I'm not sure what is the best settings for this camera to get rid of my grainy video.  If you wanna see what I'm talking about, go to:

    If you watch in HD, you can see how bad the grainy-ness can be.

    Any help I can get is better than no help at all.


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    Is the raw video grainy before after you capture/download it into your NLE?
    If yes, you may have your 'Gain' or Low Lux setting on. Looks like you're getting a good exposure but if the gain is on, you'd have to close down your aperture because it's too bright and you'd get grain.

    Is it grainy after you use your Keying software?
    Some Keying Software introduces artifacts when you key out green or blue screen backgrounds. The more tweaks you have to make to smooth out the key, the more artifacts you'll get.

    Is it grainy after you process it for upload to the web?

    Most video hosting sites impose data limits for clips. In order to prep a video for upload within the alotted data limit you have to compress it using a codec like H.264 or MP4. These introduce compression artifacts. Then the hosting site adds their codec as well which will add more artifacts increasing the 'grain'.

    I watched the video and didn't see any noticeable grain other than when you inserted the archive footage which was going to be grainy anyway since it was orginally shot on film and transferred to 480i video.

    Nice show btw though how you sat through an entire season of LoZ is beyond me….

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    After looking at the clip, I'm guessing that you talking about the rough edges on your key because the footage looks pretty good other than that.  It's tough to pull a good key off many cameras due to the limitation in the color sampling and the amount of compressing in the codec.  Here's an article on Wikipedia that will shed a bit of light into what I'm babbling about. 🙂


    Chroma subsampling – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    A quick look online at the Sony website tells me your camera has a digital zoom feature.  Make sure that is turned off and only use the optical zoom.  Digital zoom is a shortcut to gnarly video.


    Good luck!

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