Gotta Love Jack Short Reverse Film

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"Gotta Love Jack"

The ultimate commitment gone wrong. A colorfully visual film.

Director: Cody James Ong
Producer: Brooke Lynn DeVries 
AD: Natalia Oasis
DP: Kevin A. Larson


Boyfriend: Daniel Hostetter 
Girlfriend: Linda Webb
Popcorn man: Dennis Hindmon
Drink Man: Will James
Alexandria Rae Kramer
Tom Cat
Matt Dunne
Jackie Mazur
Kyle Masterson
Paul Charnetzki
Caroline Doubek
Max Milner

2nd Camera: Steven Bartels
1st AC: Luke Mekuley
2nd AC: Cameron Boydston
Dolly Grip: Billy Montross
Gaffer: Joel Miranda
Grip/Actor: Valerie Much
Grip/Actor: Jason Frangos
PA/Set Design: Joshua Graff 
Editor: Kevin Larson


Cody James Ong


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Gorgeous! I'm not sure why, but seeing the guy get happier as the film plays through makes it more sad.

Mike Wilhelm

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