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      So I do this thing on youtube called motovlogging if you feel like checking it out. I'm finally starting to get some feedback from some people and they are telling me that it is hard for them to hear me. So I'm looking for a better way to block out wind noise all the while trying to keep some background noise like my engine and outside sounds but I want my voice to be heard. I'm looking in to different types of microphones and I'm thinking a super cordroid microphone may work. My helmet cheekpads are worn in so it allows more air to come into my helmet so that is also another reason, I'll be getting a new helmet soon hopefully with windguards on it so it will dampen a lot of the outside noise. Anyone have suggestions? Windscreens, mics, setups?

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      Do a seperate voice recording to narate over the video in post. Your voice will be calm and it also gives you time to write a script to make sure you say what you intend to and dont babble.

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