GoPro, Galaxy S5/4 or iPhone 5/6

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      Dear VideoMakers,

      I am planning this winter to record my first ski videos to promote the launch of a really cool website!  I have no experience in photography and even less in videomaking.

      From what I understand, smartphones can be enhanced with stabilizers, extra lenses and video editing apps to make some pretty awesome videos.  

      I am on a tight budget and would like some help to choose the best video recording device for my project (ski videos).   

      I have dome some research and have come up with the following options (please let me know if I missed something):

      GoPro Hero3 – 1080p60 fps – 10MP Camera
      iPhone 5 – 1080p30 fps – 8MP Camera
      iPhone 6 – 1080p60 fps – 8MP Camera
      Galaxy s4 – 1080p30 fps – 13MP Camera
      Galaxy s5 – 1080p60 fps – 16MP Camera

      Judging by the specs and prices the Galaxy s5 looks like a good deal.  

      Are there any advantages that GoPro camera has over smartphones?

      Looking forward to your input.

      Thank you πŸ™‚


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      The biggest advantage by far is that the GoPro is waterproof!  This by itself would be the main reason I'd use it on a ski slope.  Also you have more selections of resolution/frame rates…like 720P @ 120 fps( on Hero 3 Black) for smooth slo-mo effects.

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