Good video lens for a GH3?

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      Howdy folks.

      I am completely new to the whole "choosing a lens" thing, so any help here would be appreciated.

      I'll be shooting mostly classical music concerts, where adding lights won't be an option and ambient lighting is often less-than desirable.

      So what I think I need is a fast lens (<f2.8) that also has the ability to zoom a bit (I might have to set up farther away and/or closer than I'd like sometimes). I understand that primes are cheaper and in some cases better, but I think I need this versatility since it won't always be possible for me to setup where I need to be just for the sake of the shot. Images should be sharp and clear. Autofocus is probably a must.

      I''m willing to drop a little bit of money on this, so somewhere in the $1k to $1.5k range wouldn't make me blush, as long as it's worth the investment. Cheaper is better of course, but if I can keep the total cost of the camera under $3k, that would be grand.


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    AvatarOmega Broadcast

    12-35 and the 35-100 are F2.8 continuous. Killer combo. Only thing I'd add to that is a Rokinon 7.5mm for some crazy fish-eye. 



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    Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

    We wrote a buyers guide on this a few months back you should check out. More specificlly, take a look at our lens comparison grid (PDF).


    Hope this helps!

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    Hi – as recommended above, the $1399 Panasonic 35-100 f2.8 is probably your best bet.  If you want to save a little money, you can get one for $1316 used at Amazon Warehouse Deals or new for $1201 from Japan through Amazon.


    The tight shots in this classical concert video were recorded with the GH3 and the 35-100mm lens (please watch at 1080p):





    If you're shooting from the audience, you shouldn't need anything wider than 35mm.  If you do, you may have to settle for a low light prime such as the $569 25mm f1.4, since the $1139 12-35mm constant f2.8 will take you well over your $3K budget, once the price of the GH3 is added in (even if you order the direct from Japan version of the lens for $1000).


    Cheers and good luck with your project!



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    That video looks very good.  Did you use two GH3's? I like the transitions.  How do you like the ability to zoom on the 35-100 lense? I'm in a simular situation but in addition to concets, I want to have to have the option to record two heads at close range and create that deapth of field. interviews at a closer range so I coupled the 12-35 and the Summilux 25mm f1.4 as a combo.   I'm having a hard time choosing between the 12-35 and the 35-100.   I read somewhere that the 12-35 works smother on video than the 35-100 but this footage looks pretty good.  I also thought I'd wait for the gh4 but I think it's priced at 1700.00 to realease at the end of April.  This would be over my range and then I will have to go with only one lense.  Wondering if I should wait..What are your thoughts?  Thanks!!

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    We wrote a buyers guide on this a few months back you should check out. More specificlly, take a look at our lens comparison grid (PDF).


    Hope this helps!



    Hi Mike – maybe I missed it – but I couldn't find any Panasonic DSLM lenses on your DSLR lens comparison grid?


    The lenses I did find (e.g., from Canon, Zeiss, Nikon, Sony) are incompatible with the OP's Panasonic GH3 DSLM camera without an adapter.





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