Good NLE That ISN’T Avid, Apple or Adobe?

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      I’m looking for an NLE with a “source/record” workflow that isn’t made by Avid, Apple or Adobe. I learned on Avid and later worked on Adobe, and I like the “source/record” workflow of seeing two monitors where I can watch raw footage in one and hit in and outs and send the selected parts to the timeline and then the edited composition in the other monitor. I’ve tried some consumer NLE’s and it seems like they encourage all of the editing to be done in the timeline, with no option for a source/record paradigm.

      Does anyone have any ideas?


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      Both Vegas Movie Studio and Vegas Pro have something called a Trimmer window which is exactly what you’re looking for.
      You load your source video into the Trimmer, select the portion you want and add it (audio, video or both) to your timeline. Once you add it to your timeline, you can see it in the Preview window.
      I personally do all my trimming on the timeline but every editor has their own preference.
      30 day trial versions of both are available so try them out and see which one you prefer.


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      I think your asking too much from a consumer Program to Offer what you want.. But most 100 dollar programs can separate the Main monitor to another window, no problem. You may be able to achieve it with Magic’s Vegas 13, using 3 monitors, timeline in one and to others being monitors, one for source and for edited.

      And Just watched a Video, you can do it with Kdenlive, a free, open source NLE Video Editing Program.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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