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      This is lengthy.
      I record classes for a ministry I work for and right now we only have one class going at a time but int he fall we will have two different classes going at the same time in two rooms. Our current setup is a Canon A2 with the handle mount that has two XLR inputs. We plug in a line from a digital audio board, a Behringer X32. Our speakers use an over the ear headset mic which is plugged into a channel on the board. I am still learning digital audio and my sound input is much better this year than last.
      I have had an idea that we could use an iPad (which we already own) on a tripod to record the other class. Now I need to figure out the audio.
      There is no sound board in the room we’re using. I do not have the need for the highest quality of sound as it is one person speaking at a time in a big room, not a sound studio or booth. The woman I work for does not want to use a lav she prefers the over the ear headset because it has less line noise if our speaker moves around too much.

      I currently edit our video in FCPX and adjust the audio, if necessary. I then create the DVD and I create 2 or 3 projects and cut and paste 78 minutes of audio into each of them (with a third if we go over). To make our cd’s and mp3 files for our students I export the audio tracks out of FCPX into an mp3 file and open it in Audacity and convert the two audio tracks to mono and down sample to 22kz. I export it into a 96 kbs mp3 file and they sound fine on cd and on the digital file. (the sound guy at the church helped me figure this out).

      My point being that I do not need the highest quality mic just a reliable steady signal.

      1. Can anyone recommend a brand or even a mic that would meet our needs?
      2. Is bluetooth an option.


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