Good environment for a 20/20 style interview?

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      I'm looking to make a spoof of the basic 20/20 style interview. You know, where it has the background blurred out a bit and goes back and forth between the interviewer and interviewee. What would be a good background, room or etc to use for this.


      I mean I can't just use my bedroom. And I don't want to just have a blank wall as a background.


      Any suggestions?



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      Good instinct not wanting to use a blank wall in the background, but I'd say your location should be relevant to the content/topic of your video (which you didn't specify in your post…).

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      If this is a weekday gig, rent a suite in a modern hotel. Midweek rates are surprising affordable at most hotels. Bonus: stylish decor and a variety of shooting options. I once had to do 7 interviews with corporate execs in a 1/2 day shoot. The producer wanted each background to look different. We rented a penthouse suite and got it done to the clients satisfaction. (I would have preferred more than 15 minutes for each new setup though).


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      Good point. I meant kind of a general background. Like if you saw a 20/20 interview with Tom Cruise, there wouldn't necessarily be Top Gun items in the background. Haha


      Though I will say that it is a guy talking about his Seat Belt organization.

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      Buy a cheap greenscreen. Shoot your talking head with it behind it. Use a picture or video behind it and you can adjust the blur on the background shot. Should be simple enough.

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