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      I'm looking for a good audio editor. I want to be able to edit, mix, clean-up, and transcode audio samples. I want to be able to adjust pitch without altering tempo, tempo without altering pitch, and to apply filters, envelopes and other modifications. I want a rich selection of plug-ins and an active user community. So far, everything I just said applies to Audacity, which is free.

      But Audacity doesn't have MIDI support. I also want to be able to control features, e.g., the GSnap Plugin, with a MIDI keyboard.

      I don't care if it's free but I don't want to spend anymore than I need to. What are some good, popular moderately-priced audio editors that meet my above criteria, i.e., Audacity-with-MIDI?

      Thanks in advance.

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      For MIDI programs, take a look at Acid Musci Studio 10 ($60) and Acid Pro 7 ($150), both from Sony. for more info and a free trial.



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      here's a listing of audio editing tools.

      i use Reaper for arrangment, Audacity & Sound Forge for wav editing.


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