Go Pro Footage lagging??

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      When i go to edit footage from my go pro the video lags but the audio plays at normal speed. The footage is fine, it plays perfect on windows media player, both audio and video play in sync. So its not the camera or the footage. I use Lightworks and Wondershare to edit my videos. And they work great with phone and other camera footage. Why and what can i do to get this to work?

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      frame rate – always a pain when the go pro is set to 30fps, but the editor is working in 25fps, or vice versa, or more subtle differences when 24 and 25 get mixed. Many formats have separate audio, so the secret is look on the timeline and see if the video and audio finish at the same place. If they don’t, it’s a frame rate problem.

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      My question is this: If I save my 4K footage from gopro which is 60M and I save at that high resolution will my footage look better on youtube or is it a big waste to do so. I’ve heard both from many while trying to find out. I’ve done some tests and I don’t think the 4K looks a whole lot better ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, aslo in the editor when I zoom in with the lay outter, I was under the impression that 4K won’t distort so easily but I’ve also found that to false. Is it perhaps because it’s a little tiny gopro. I film my music act from the back of the room in 4K thinking I can zoom in when I get it to my Editor. I use Edius pro 8. Footage does not cut it if I try and zoom even in 4K. Not a sure what to think.

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      Ever tried to import your GoPro video to Windows Movie Maker? And here is a tutorial focuses on it. You may have a try.


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