Glidecam hd 2000 or hd 4000 ?

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      Hi, i have a gh3 and recently i've bought a manfrotto mattebox and the sympla rig. I'm going to buy a glidecam. At first i chose the hd 2000 but then i realized that if i want to use the mattebox on the glidecam the additional weight will be 5.5 lbs (mattebox + plate) and with the gh3 the total weight will be 7.7 lbs, too much heavier for the hd 2000. So i realized that if i want to use the mattebox on the glidecam i need the hd 4000.
      But if i want to use the gh3 on the glidecam without the mattebox it will be too lighter fot the hd 4000, or maybe can i use only the gh3 on a glidecam 4000? or i need to ballast the gh3 maybe with the manfrotto plate?

      And this kind of structure (mattebox+plate and maybe a monitor or a led panel), not consdidering the weight, will affect the stability of the steadycam?

      Which is the best choice?

      Someone on an italian forum said that thousand of filmakers don't use mattebox, and mattebox will be only additional weight on my arm. I don't agree totally with him, because in certain situation i think mattebox is necessary, maybe not for all.

      I apologize for my english, i'm italian and the last time i spoke it was 3 years ago at school.


      Thankyou a lot for your attention.



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      If you are going to use steadicam, invest in a vest. A handheld glidecam is good for only very short shots, before your arm gets tired. And stick with the matte box–don't shoot without it. You get much better shots with a matte box than without. So, I'd suggest the Glidecam 4000.


      It makes sense to buy one only if there isn't a rental shop nearby, or if you plan to do most of your shooting with a steadicam. I generally rent when I need one.

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      Hey friend, do not see in principle the big difference between them the only difference in price. I personally chose the Glidecam XR Pro because of its size and price and convenient to use. These are the main criteria by which I chose after reading article on GIMBALGARAGE. I also advise you to read this article maybe it will help you make the right choice or at least improve your knowledge in this area.

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