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GH4 problem

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    Hi all

    I'm new to the forum and could do with some help. It was a two-camera shoot and one of the cameras I've been shooting on is a Panasonic GH4. I've just realised that the camera was set up to a variable frame rate. It has shot all my interviews with this setting:

    Frame Rate: 30fps // Slow/Fast Effect: 83% // Rec Frame Rate: 25.00

    Clearly it won't match the normal speed 25p from the other camera so the audio will be out of sync, right? How can I get it back to a normal speed so it matches?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Apply a speed percentage change opposite of what the camera applied. You can also just resize it on timeline to be the same length as the other camera clips if the time length is supposed to be the same

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