GH4 – Panasonic Lenses or Nikon Lenses with Speedbooster..?

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      I saw some footage from the GH4 and read its specs… it looks impressive. I own a Canon 70D with some Canon glasses and the Sigma 18-35 1.8.


      I was thinking about moving to Panasonic. I know that i can't use Canon lenses even with adapters. So i was wondering if it's worth buying the Panasonic lenses (the 12-35 2.8) or purchase the Nikon version of the Sigma 18-35, so i can use it with a normal adapter and with the speedbososter from metabones which would give me more field of view.


      The only thing is that i read that using non Panasonic lenses you lose the optical stabilizer. Is this true?


      Any suggestions about my ideas?





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      Hi Paolo – I would trade the 70D for the GH4  ($1698 in the States).  If you can only afford one lens, get the 12-35 f2.8 ($940 in the States).


      Yes, the 18-35 f1.8 with the Speed Booster is much faster, but, you are correct, you will lose image stabilization (autofocus too).


      I also suggest you keep your Canon glass. Soon (I hope), Metabones will release a Canon EF to MFT Speed Booster πŸ™‚


      Good luck!



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      Hi Bill,

      I aam planning a trip to New York next month and will purchase the GH4.I have Nikon gear and a D71000.Will I be able to use my Nikon glass with the G4? Do I need an adapter?

      Do you have any opinion about the Sony A7s?



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