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      I've been researching this all over the place and still don't feel satisfied. Hopefully someone can help clarify for me.


      I'm interested in purchasing a Panasonix GH3 and would like, at some point, to do some slow motion with the video. I hear that 720/60p is the best quality option to use; however, from what I've been reading, the GH3 does not have this resolution/frame rate. It has 1080/60p, but I'm afraid this resolution will cause some info to be lost. I believe it has 720/30p, but I did not know if this rate was acceptably smooth.


      Thank you for any input.



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      What are you editing in? Putting 1080 in a 720 project just crops it unless you scale it down but its really the frame rate of 60p that supports good slow motion if you are slowing it down in an NLE or After Effects and or using twixter.


      There are a lot of cameras out there on the consumer side that only support 60p at the 720 resolution. It is a limitation of lower bit rates used in camera software, hardware and codecs. Some are now offering 120 fps at 720. You might be hearing the 720 do to the resolution and bit rate limitation but I've not had any issues with 60p being 1080 over 720.

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      Absolute nonsense. Who ever told you 720 was better than 1080 has no clue. Higher res with is the way to go and the gh3 is the best dslr form factor camera on the market. Get a fast wide angle lense (12mm noktor;) or voitlander (17mm) for it with the money you save and stick with panny as they are the best for video.
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      Hi Jon,


      The US NTSC GH3 shoots at both 720/60p (.MOV) and 1080/60p (.MOV and .MTS), your choice (see specs here).  But, I agree with Treehousefilms, 1080/60p will give you better resolution than 720/60p, period.


      In this example, with a PAL GH3 (£1164 at Amazon UK), note the switch from 720/50p to 1080/50p at 1:50.  The resolution on the buildings in the background improves significantly:



      Hope this is helpful,



      Hybrid Camera Revolution



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      "In this example, with a PAL GH3 (£1164 at Amazon UK), note the switch from 720/50p to 1080/50p at 1:50.  The resolution on the buildings in the background improves significantly:"


      I agree I don't see a difference between 720 and 1080 for slow motion given their respective resolutions and output but these are two resolutions in the same project/or final product. Upscaling 720 or downscaling 1080 is going to show a difference in such a video. 

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      Hi Woody – I see a significant difference in the resolution of the buildings in the background as soon as he switches from 720/50p to 1080/50p at about 1:50 in the video (viewing on a 15" notebook monitor).


      Here is a screen grab at 720p at about 1:51





      And here is one of the same area at 1080p at about 1:54







      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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      Hi Bill,
      I was referring to adding the two resolutions to the same project influencing one of them in post. Even if you change the player size one is still influenced inpost. The output would still have either the 720 scaled up or the 1080 scaled down wouldn't it? It doesn't appearappear to be cropped at 1080.
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      I know you like the GH3 –  From what I've seen it's a great camera.  I'm a video shooter this is the first DSLR that has me excited about switching to a DSLR form factor.  The other option is canon xa 20, great audio XLR inputs, and the optical zoom for shooting basketball.  thoughts? 

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