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      I am a newby to video editing and am looking for a package that can allow me to consolodate numerous ( I mean hundreds) of very short iphone video clips into one video project. Allowing me to add audio and story board. Having no experience of video editing before I am looking for recommendation on a starter package that is not going to break the bank and one that is relatively easy to use. I have Windows 7. All suggestions welcome.

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      I'll kick this discuss off. Have you tried Windows Movie Maker, it is free, relatively easy to use and should be able to handle a simple clip compilation, then add music and text. I am not sure what you mean by "Story Board"

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      Windows Movie maker is a good sugestion.

      However for a few more options I recomend Adobe Premier Elements.


      Actually I have used both programs for many years and for better titleing

      Elements is my preference.


      Tony Holley

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      My vote is for Sony Vegas Movie Studio.



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      One thing about the Sony Vegas Movie Studio is you can download a free trial version.  And if you like it later on it's an easy transition to the pro version. 

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      Thanks for all helps. I get my answer for video editing.

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      John Newby

      If you have not done any editing then I would say first what is i you want to do what is the end product supposed to be? 


      Define the goal so you know what you want to end up with because you probably have a good feeling as to what the end product is supposed to be.


      If it is: simple edit, combine, some work with sound and titles Windows Movie Maker will give you a good start.  Working on it will give you a better understanding of what you want and how to get there. 


      It is typically free from MSN if you have Windows, it can be part of your discs or you can download it to your PC from the internet a mentioned above.


      If later you find that you need greater capability or wish to progress to better video then consider a program that you can purchase.  The good ones will do what was pro level of a few years back.  Note that you need to check the capabilities of your PC to se if the program will function effectively as they are powerful and use a lot of the speed and storage.


      You will find there are books and tutorials on Windows Movie Maker to help out.

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      John Newby

      Typically a story board comes before filming.

Viewing 7 reply threads
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