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      hi fellow artist 🙂


      i am need of some advice. i am graphic designer working in a theme park in doha. I record the birthday parties that are held in our park.a I also use FCP X as my software platform. I would like up my skills in this department since I am slowly gaining experience as well.


      As a start i would like to do small birthdays and engagement events coz they will be the small start i am looking for. It would also be the right way for me to go. Do it as a hobby for now and slowly start charging.


      What should i buy? A friend told me to buy a dslr coz it is easier to carry and now they have excellent recording features and taking photos will be a plus as well. I was actually weighing out the pros and cons between the 2.


      1.    Camcorders were built to be hand held for longer time periods but bulky to carry around. You don’t have to worry about the auto focusing ect..


      2.    On the other hand, the Dslr takes less space but can be bulky in the hand and can get difficult to hold for long periods of time. You also have interchangeable lenses to make things go, wow! but with a wow price. Auto Focusing can get tricky as well and this is what makes the camcorder a viable choice.


      I know that some will say, it depends on my budget but I am too am not really sure. What is the beginner’s route I should take? What should be in my arsenal kit? Could use some guidance and direction here!


      Thank you in advance


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           If you go with a camcorder, go with the Sony HXR-NX30u. It is compact, but has plenty of pro features, and it has superb optical stabilization. 

           If you go with a DSLR, get the Panasonic DMC-GH4. It was made for video production. It also can shoot in 4K. You can also get a docking base for it that will give you additional functionality. You might not need the docking base now, but as you expand out of birthday parties and get into things like live events and interviews, it would come in handy. 

           You will definitely need a good tripod for any stable shots you do. You might say, "But I will be shooting mostly handheld." Trust me, there will be many times that you will wish that you were on a stable tripod. Few things are worse than shaky video. Make sure you get one with a fluid head. The Magnus VT-4000 is a good buy. 

           And for all those times that you will be going handheld, get a handheld stabilizer. Glidecam makes a great many products that will help you on that front. 

           If you haven't yet chosen an NLE, Sony Vegas is very easy to pick up and learn. Adobe Premier is a good product, but has a high learning curve. If you are on a Mac, Apple's Final Cut Pro is your easy choice. 

           I hope this info helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. 

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      hi mcrockett, thank you for the reply and sorry for the late reply back. wat would the right thing for me though? a camera or camcorder? i am still a bit confused when it comes to that. to wat i hear a lot of plp say that premier is a bit clunky and they prefer using fcpx! when i open my canon files in permier, there is no sound as well 🙁 thats y i am using fcpx. i am even confused on which software i should as well sigh

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           It really depends on how you'll be shooting. A camcorder with good optical stabilization is good for handheld shooting. Sony cameras have the best optical stabilization that I've seen, but do your research there. Although a DSLR will give you a better picture, optical stabilization usually falls short on DSLRs. However a DSLR on a handheld stabilizer (like a Glidecam) will give you a smooth handheld shot. You also usually have a little more freedom with the settings on a DSLR as well. So it comes down to this question: Do you want the ease of use of a camcorder, or do you want the ability to fine-tune the settings on a DSLR?

           As far as NLEs, if you're on a Mac, Final Cut is probably the way to go. Premier works well and gives you a lot of powerful tools, but it has a very steep learning curve. 

           I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. 

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      gsaroberts, I am somewhat confused by your request. I understand that your are looking for video equipment and editing system advice, however, you indicate you already shoot & edit video but you would like to "up your skills." What exact skills are you looking to "up?" While mcrockett has offered sound equipment advice, you seem to be looking for some quality of video that you did not explain. Quite often it is technique that offers a quality look as opposed to equipment. Can you share what specific techniques you are looking to improve. Maybe you can post a sample video and indicate what elements you want to improve. With good lighting and sound, most any camera will provide good quality video. 

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