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      Has anyone had much luck with going to  Company X  and in a more professional way than this paraphrased way saying "if you can give me some of your products free of charge (or at a nice discount) we'll use your products but also advertise for your products on our YouTube channel, Facebook, website, in videos etc etc…"?

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      Sounds like you are trying to get a camera or a better camera for a low or no cost. Unless you can guarantee Company X that your video will be seen by thousand of potential customers and some of them will buy enough gear from Company X to offset the cost of "giving" you gear, why would they want to do that? I think we all face budget issues in producing our projects and if you can find a way to beg and borrow to fund your project great, but don't let not having the right equipment stop you. There are always steps you can take to keep the production within your means. I am sure you will find plenty of tips with this group. Just be specific about what you are trying to accomplish.

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      Thanks! I'd never let that stop me for sure, but it'd be nice hahaa

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