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Getting Actors for my fun / non-professional short film.

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    I was wondering the best way to get actors for my short film project? It is nothing professional but just some fun ideas that I have.
    Some people write stories or draw pictures or take photos for hobbies, I like shooting short films.
    Being just for fun, the budget is very small to non-existent 🙂

    TLDR: What is the best way to get actors for my fun project 🙂

    Thanks for your help.

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    Friends, family, friends of family for a start; neighborhood website if you have one. High school, community college theater programs — put a notice on the bulletin board, talk with faculty about your production. If appropriate, talk up your activity and post a notice at community clubs, senior centers and with service organizations. Again, if appropriate contact Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops through their leaders. Let folks at your church know about what you’re doing.

    Be sure to obtain talent releases from everyone involved with your production who will be on camera. I suggest a letter of agreement from everyone involved, giving you permission to use their image and the product of their work — set pieces, costumes, makeup, etc., — in your finished production. You don’t want to find yourself in the position of having your project go viral on YouTube and an angry actor who objects to being seen globally and demands you take it down.

    Since you don’t have a budget, “pay” your cast and crew by giving credits on screen and by making sure everyone involved receives at least a couple of DVDs of the production.

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