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      Hi. I decided to start making music videos. I currently live abroad and in next 4,5 years I’ll go live back home where I plan to make music videos, but in meanwhile I want to learn as much as possible using camera, lenses, lights,…

      So first I need camera and I thought buying panasonic gh4, because a lot of people suggested this camera for music videos and I specially like slow motion 96fps and 4k. Do you think I should buy another camera?

      For lenses I thought buying Lumix g vario 12-35 mm f2.8. Do you think I should buy some cheaper kit lens for beginning or some other lens? Do you think I should get adapter and use some canon lenses or stick with native lenses?

      So when I get used to camera and lens, then I was thinking get another lenses, stabilizer, lights,… ( meanwhile I will practise with my friends and shoot diferent type of videos, but not actually music videos, maybe one or two music videos per year when I go home for holidays).

      Money is not a problem, but I think it’s not good idea to throw a lot of money in the beginning.

      Do you think that this is a good plan? What would you do in my situation?

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      Well – I'm the worst person to advise, because despite having one for ages, my DSLR takes stills, my video cameras shoot video, and I'm never going to change that opinion. My biggest complaint is that for shooting with DSLRs you need proper viewfinders, as the ones in the cameras just don't seem to cut it, and worse still, the places cameras tend to get put for music videos make remote monitoring pretty important. My video cameras can have external monitors, but the ones on them swivel up or down, so often I don't need to. Some DSLRs do this, but many, including mine, don't. The real killer for me is simply the lenses. I need slow sharp focus zooms, remote controls, and quick focus to repeatable settings. DSLRs have great images but I just hate them. I also have proper heads, jibs and legs for all the kit. Some of this stuff costs more than a DSLR, and for me – my video style needs certain kit. Music videos need music lighting, and that's quite different, but you can always hire this. Here's a clip from the kind of thing we do.

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      My humble advice is to get a basic camera to practice. The GH4 is great and economic. Read articles, watch tutorial videos and learn from the best in the industry. I produce music videos and always use a different camera package. For professional work is better to rent the camera, lenses. I wish I had known that a few years a go. The equipment is only 20% of the whole thing. Art Direction, Story, Composition and Post are more important. 

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      This is a still from the video I linked to showing a bit more of how it was done.

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      Looks great. The Jib added a lot of production value to the video. 

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