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      Hi everyone,

      First a little explanation about the filming gear I chose:

      I want to shoot motions video and will use a gimbal stabilizer. I was initially thinking of using a DJI Osmo, or the GoPro Karma, but all reviews give the iphone 7 plus as having better video quality, so I’ll go for DJI Osmo Mobile with an iPhone 7 plus.

      Now I want to buy gear to record quality sound.
      I’ll have to record externally as iPhone 7 plus doesn’t have a jack anymore, Osmo mobile neither (it has one but not for mic actually).

      Initially I was thinking of a Rode Videomic pro (which I could attach to the Osmo mobile) and get a cheap Zoom H1 to record (around 450usd together), but what I’ve read so far doesn’t give good reviews to that kind of setting.
      For a little higher budget (500-550usd), I could upgrade to the Zoom H5 and attach the SGH-6 which is a hyperdirectional mic, and therefore would replace the Rode Videomic pro.
      I just think that the overall length of this setting would not be very practical to use in motion videos…

      What are your thoughts about the quality of this setting and it’s practicability ?
      Or maybe someone has suggestions for an alternative in the same budget ?

      Thanks in advance for your time

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      If I want to shoot an action video, using a gimbal stabilizer is really helpful for your stable video. I have a GoPro Hero, I am very satisfied with its high-quality sound, I use GoPro Gimbal to get the perfect footage…

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