Galaxy S6 or camera? 500$

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      Hello, I`m looking for a device to record some short videos (reports from events – sometimes in low light, nature videos (I dont need a zoom), slider uses. Usually day light videos, rarely night recordings. 1080p is enough for me, but it has to be sharp. Also 60p will be great for some slow actions records. Moreover taking photos is needed, so camcorder won`t be good. I`m wondering about Galaxy S6, I saw that it`s taking great photos and videos too. Also If I buy it, I won`t have to buy new phone. If it would be camera, it has to has a manual focus. What do You this about it? Camera or phone will be better? Budget = 500$ (only new devices). If camera, what model would You recommend me? 

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      Phone is portable and you could take it everywhere and take photos whenever you want.

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      It also depends on what do you plan to do with videos. Where do you plan to post it or how it works?

      Well, my friend have galaxy S6 she was happy about video and pictures quality

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