G5 ports failing…..what are my options???

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      Hi, all –

      New to the forum and need some advice from the video editors out there…

      I have over 20 videos posted on my Youtube channel. Most were produced with cyberlink powerdirector 8, and all were done on older PC's that could barely handle the editing process.

      My channel

      Now, I recently bought a G5 so I could take the next step up for more serious production, and I aim to use imovie to warm up, and eventually Photoshop CS4 when I can afford it, but I knew I needed a Mac to get serious (yes, I know I shouldn't have gone to the second hand market, but I am desperate to at least get some starting experience with the Mac world after many years of only PC use).

      The problem is that this G5 has rear USB ports that only occasionally read my External HD, which has all my raw vids and pics that I work from, and after following all the tips I could gather on the forums, I took it to a Mac tech who told me that this is all too common with power macs (and basically unfixable) and that the best thing to do would be to get a better machine, and I fear, with great despair, that he may be right.

      Is there any hope? It will be many months before I can save enough for a new machine, and even then it will probably be a $1000 or under budget. What's the best intel mac I can get for that price? Do I have any other possible choice?

      Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated, and I thank any benevolent gurus who deem to help me up the ladder to the true Mac world.

      Thank you greatly in advance.

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