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      I’m looking for small full HD camcorder with capability of wired remote control (USB 2or3).
      I need record junior soccer matches from photographic mast. Camera will be 10-15m high on mast, I already have Bescor MP-101 Motorized Pan & Tilt Head.
      I need control Start Rec, Stop Rec, ZOOM, and download video files direct to laptop on ground. Camera will be on mast for 4-5 hours, and each game is 1 hour, so after each game I need download video down to computer, and burn DVD. During record I must have live preview on laptop.
      Camera suppose to be small, light , and ideally powered from usb cable.
      Budget 500-1000$max . I don’t need superb image quality, its just for training purposes for coaches.
      Some cameras have WiFi capability, but I strongly prefer rugged wired connection.
      Do you have any ideas ?
      thank you,

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