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      Would someone please help me with a longtime problem with capturing to CS6 from my Sony FX7. This is a tape camcorder and I need to know what would be a good program/software I could use to capture my tapes to my hard drive? If I can only get my video onto my hard drive I can use it in Adobe. Alas my problem…the capture will only work about a fourth of the time in adobe premiere pro. It wont show the image and sometimes it captures and then when I try to capture more, it wont. I have since purchased the Atomos Ninja Star but I have to get my old tapes downloaded. THANKS

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      I have never heard of these problems when using firewire, nor, using any of my 3 MiniDV tape cameras using Vegas Sony 10 through 13. I suspect this being a computer, rather than software problem. It may also be how you hook your camera to the computer. What you describe sounds like you using a USB device to transfer, which is a mistake.

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      I agree with Dave. Firewire out of the camera to firewire into the computer should be a lock. I’ve captured hundreds of tapes from our Sony PD-150s without a single glitch. Make sure your firewire cable is in good shape.

      If you’re having problems, it’s almost certainly with your camera to computer hookup, or perhaps with your capture card, or (very unlikely) with settings in Premiere Pro. One of the most likely causes of the problem, since you indicate that it is intermittent, is with the firewire port on the camera.

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      Capturing HDV content via Firewire is a pretty basic task in this day and age. If it’s been a while since you’ve done any kind of system refresh (back up, wipe, reinstall OS and apps) then you may be due. A good refresh of the system will bring it back to “new” condition and would hopefully eliminate issues caused by left-behind software that was supposedly removed two years ago when you downloaded the shareware software that didn’t quite work. Between OS patches, application updates, and all the other crud that accumulates on your hard drive over time, this would be your best bet in making everything work properly. Just make sure you’re not using outdated software that may have problems with newer operating systems, and vice-versa.

      Best of luck!
      Chris Sebes
      Senior Video Editor, MediaMix, Inc.

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      My PC system running Adobe Premiere CC has never worked with my JVC HD cameras. It does work with a JVC separate recorder, and other makes of camera – via firewire. The cameras that will not work on it – (the software just doesn’t see them, and says no device connected), work fine on my mac, with the same software. I’ve never found out why, and any tape material gets ingested via the mac, onto a card.

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      AvatarKevin Mc

      I just posted this info in another thread here – if you’re having firewire transfer problems, aside from some of the great advice given above – such as wiping and reloading your OS, be sure the firewire card in your computer is using the TI (Texas Instruments) chipset. Many of the generic 1394 chipsets fail miserably when it comes to video transfers. The TI chipset overcomes these issues.

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      I know one issue that has popped up with somethings is the modern shift of OS’s from 32-bit applications to 64-bit. 64-bit computers don’t seem to quite recognize D-VHS VCR’s over FireWire, so maybe that’s what’s happening to your camcorders. The drivers are for 32-bit systems and don’t play nice with 64-bit systems.

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