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      Hello everyone, this is my first post here and I want to make it a good one.


      So what brings me to Videomaker is this, I plan on bicycling around the world and want to film the whole experience. So to make such an epic goal doable I have to break it down into bite sized bits.

      One of the biggest chunks to bite off is the video part, and thats why I need your help. Video is huge and I’m an amateur, I need to learn everything from the ground up and don’t want to miss a single step.


      So my hopes with this post is to start a conversation on learning the in's and outs of film. From basic camera knowledge, shooting, and all the way to editing and finely production.


      The site is filled with a plethora of useful information on film, but to an amateur like me it’s all over the place and I need a firm foundation to begin learning. Maybe this post has been started already but I can’t find me.


      So what I’m asking is for links to useful sites on learning film basics, intermediate, and advanced. Hopefully we can put together an epic list and maybe even get this post stickied so other ambitious new film makers have a place to start.


      Thanks in advance for all the help.

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      With this site being what it is I have found lately that YouTube is better suited for learning about software, filming, and editing skills. It is better because you can SEE it in action. Yes there are a lot of idiots on YouTube but after a bit of time I was able to sort it out and subscribe to the better sites. At the beginning I learned a bit on here but over the past 2 years this place lost a lot of talented formers. Go there and search "intermediate filming, intermediate editing and the like. Enter your query and it can be found and rewound to your hearts content. Good luck! I am not attempting to bash this place but I think better help is elsewhere.

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