Freezing Preview Screens

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I am at my wits end. A friend of mine is delving into the wonderful word of video editing, however he's running into problems I can't figure out the cause of. You see, regardless of the editing program he uses, whenever he tries to scroll through a video to make his edits, he encounters frozen video that never unfreezes. It does it to him in professional software like vegas as well as free software like OpenShot and Kdenlive. Whatever software he uses, the moment he tries to skip through a timeline to make his freezes and never unfreezes. Audio still plays, but never gets back that video.

Any idea why this might be happening? Not sure what to tell my friend... Here are his specs....

CPU: Intel i7 4790k
GPU: Nvidia GTX 760
16GB Corsair Vengeance Ram
256 GB Samsung SSD
WD Black 1TB HDD

Is it the video card? A codec problem? Any ideas?

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What type of files is he working with? MOV files, for example, can cause this to happen in Vegas. Solution may be to change them to MP4.

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Install a package of updated codecs such as K-Lite for example, and install Quick Time.

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I would recommend against the K-Lite package. It contains many fairly useless codecs, some of which may conflict with codecs you already have loaded. Quick Time may help; mp4 definitely should.

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Is this a Desktop or A Laptop Computer, because a few thing I do not see listed in the specs of the computer are a Graphics Card, that is installed as a card, Laptops cannot do this but Desktops can. If he does have Desktop, maybe he can install 2 Graphics cards and connect them via SLI cable. Also I do not see separate Surround Sound Audio Card Install, never depend on the Audio On-board on the Motherboard, because that overworks the computer's CPU when you press render.


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1. Update graphic card drivers:
2. Change screen resolution:
above are the two basic ways which I can recommend. If however, you cant find a solution then here's video link

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This sounds like a video file problem. We need to know what format the video is in (MP4, h264, MOV, etc) and what it was shot on. One type of file that many edit programmes will baulk at is video from a mobile device that records using Variable Frame Rate.

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