Freelance news videographer?

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      Hello everyone!

      Did anyone know how much to charge for freelance videography?

      I’ve been contacted by a news agency who is searching for someone to cover news events in my country and I have no idea about the prices in this market.

      They ask for a 3min edited video.


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      There are far too many variables in your question to answer it.

      Perhaps an approach for you would be to ask what the news agency is prepared to pay for a 3 minute edited video, then decide whether you’re willing to work for that amount.

      Consider how much time will be involved, including travel time and costs, and calculate what that amounts to for each hour of work. Based on this you should be able to decide whether or not it’s worth the pay.

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      What country are you in? Makes a big difference. In some countries there will be union agreements (UK and US) which the news agencies are aware of. In the UK we have most stringers being BECTU members – and they have published rates that members use .

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