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      Me and my friend shot our first promotional video and it was for a 4 star restaurant in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore called Supano's SteakHouse. We shot the video and uploaded it to our Youtube channel but were having trouble getting it out there and finding outlets to promote the video since were not very internet-savvy guys. So if anyone wants to upload the video(first link) to their Youtube channel please go ahead. You will have all the the rights to the video, and obviously any new views and subscribers you may incur will be all yours since it would be on your Youtube channel. Also the video is currently located on the Restaurants websites (the second link) under our channel. But as we stated we relinquished all rights to the video and allow others to upload it. We also turned it into a contest! So whoever garners the most views and likes after one week, the video will be re-uploaded to the Restaurant's website under that person's Youtube channel! Again you will have all the rights to the video, We just want the video to get out there.

      1) 2) 

      If you want to participate email me your Youtube Channel when you Upload the video: 

      We will announce the person who we want on our Youtube Channel:


      Btw i already posted this on the commercial forum 

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        Hey EarlyNews,


        You said you were "having trouble getting it out there and finding outlets to promote the video…" Are you talking about media outlets in general? If so, I can tell you from media experience that they will not promote a business for free. Media outlets are in the business to make a profit. Unless you are a nonprofit, I highly doubt they will touch it.


        Also, asking others to help promote a business for free is a tough sell, unless that restaurant does a trade off. You are better off using YouTube for advertisement. 


        I would advise that the restaurant do a trade off (free meals for two, $50 gift card or certificates) to people who promote their business. Since the restaurant is located in Baltimore you are better off asking the locals. This way they can use the free meals or gift cards from the restaurant.

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        You do not have rights to the music you used and Ginayar is correct in her comments. I hope you did not make money off of copyrited music. That is a big no no in the business.

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        Visually it was OK…lots of interesting shots…but the audio sure could use a lot of work

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