Free Pump-Action Shotgun actions - HD green screen footage

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Hello all,
want to propose you to check, rate and use in your projects collection of shotgun(pump) actions(reloading, shooting, holding, beating, targeting etc.)

All videos are in HD resolution and .MP4 format. Quality is quite good and suitable for keying to clear video with alpha channel.
All shotgun shooting and reloading videos contains mastered HQ sound fx (shooting, reloading).
That means that you don't need to search for shogun main sounds, just drag and drop, key-out , and have fun with your video scene.
I am really sure, that these files will find place in your action-movies.
But in case you will use it - just drop a line about your project, where you will use these shotgun actions.

Shotgun files download page is here: [B][URL=""]http://...


Any comments and invectives appreciated!