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      We offer totally free high quality music for video production. Nothing to sign up for. Music is searchable by mood, genre, and tempo. We have a donation button. Beyond that, there's no catch.

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      Very cool of you. There seems to be a lot of open sharing of media and media resources lately. With today's economy it is very nice but some what surprising to see. Its one thing I do love about the video business. There may be competition around every corner but its a more polite playing field and the amount of people willing to help each other out is amazing.


      Thanks again.

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      I agree, that's great news. I work for a public school district, so funds are always in short supply.

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      You're welcome. Please have a look around the site and tell a friend! πŸ™‚

      Here's an example of the quality of the music:


      Redwood Highway


      Dance Dubber

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      Jason, thanks a million! My humble videos are ham radio training material plus some motorcycle dirt bike rides in the mountains near here, and your site enables me to spice things up!

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      I must confess that every time I see more free music on offer I wonder how it will affect those composers making a living off (or attempting to make a living off music). Does the spiralling of prices, and ultimately "free" music actually harm the industry? Do Videomakers  who use free music charge for their videos, or do they give them away for free?

      Food for thought anyway. This is not meant to be a criticism..just an observation. I'm sure there are arguments both ways. has a small amount of free music, and there is much more starting from $6-95, for those that perhaps have only a limited budget for music.

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      The paradigm has shifted under your feet. There will always be people who will try to hang onto the way things were. It's the law of the jungle: adapt and evolve or die. I don't make the rules. It's called the new "gift economy".



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      Free music. Free music for video production. What a concept.

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      the quality is amazing !!! I'm not sure people will be donating, but that is a great experiment for free royalty free music !! This is a very competitive market.

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      "I find your lack of faith disturbing"

      -Darth Vader

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