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Is anyone interested in trying out a brand-new media production software suite? We’re looking for a handful of users to partner with in order to help streamline their process of planning and executing on shoots.

Heliocene is a New York City based tech startup that is creating a free, cloud-based software suite that will simplify the process of producing film, TV, or internet media. With Helioscene, you can:


- Easily find and connect with the members of your project

- Keep everyone up to date on project status and details changes

- Generate call sheets for your projects
- Create and track invoices
- Create a profile to showcase your work, or the work of your studio

- Use it on the go-- Helioscene is fully mobile ready

To learn more and sign up, please visit Helioscene
. We’d love to hear from you and understand your needs, so feel free to click the link on the bottom of any page to contact us. We are excited to partner with the striving media community!

-- The Helioscene Team

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I've been loving StudioBinder so far to manage my production. They handle shooting schedules, call sheets, contact management, and file library

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Hey Helioscene

I can see something didn't went as planned. We're building a TV production management tool, and we'd love to get in contact with you guys if you want to share knowledge.

Sign up to get beta access

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For general task management and team collaboration I use this free web based tool at It's pretty simple to use and does the job for me.

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So it's not editing software its project management only? Title seemed to allude it was a new editing suite or something. Regardless sounds like a good product for the niche, i think the Adobe application for story boarding and project management was not that great the time I used it.

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I will try for sure! Thanks!

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@Tanguy I used fluxes actually on a few products. When Adobe came out with their project management and story boarding app I started using that though. Fluxes was a good product tho for sure.