Free 10 HD - Film Burns / Light Leaks transitions

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Here is fully customizable Film Burn / Light Leak transitions mini pack (~10 clips). Few of the transitions have nice lens flare effects.


Hope you'll enjoy it, and if you do - use, like and share it!



Download it here:

These transitions should work great with your films, music videos, weddings, sport scenes, motion graphics and other video projects.

Don't worry that almost all of them have blue/violet color. You can simply change that color to one you want by adding Levels, Color Balance or HSL (Hue-Saturation-Lightness) Color Adjustment filters to that video layer and play around with the filter properties. Look how we did it - here is our example video "Sea" which was done by using only these free HD transition variations.



Thumbnail examples:

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Video example of this transitions:


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Yes! I'm very glad that I found this.

I used these light leaks transitions:, so having a wide range up your sleeve is good.

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Hi guys!

Thanks Zim for the leaks! 

I agree with Philip B that the more the merrier so I wanted to share some free light leaks that I have released over at


LightFree! -
A free pack that can be used across FCP, Premiere, Vegas and more.


Transition Love Lite -
Free pack built from the ground up for Final Cut Pro X with adjustable parameters built in to each parameter!

Anyway, hope all is well in everyones world!
All the very best,