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      Framelines ( presents an interactive online editing exercise. Download all the footage and sound FX and create your own edit of a Car Chase. Use the clips we are providing to create your very own unique action scene, using your own editing software.

      This is royalty free footage that anyone can use and publicly display. Put your edit online with our permission!

      Get the footage here:
      (use the “download clip” function to get the footage now!)

      This footage is 23.976 Frames Per Second (24P) – 1920x1080P

      Each clip is MOS, meaning without any production audio. Also, each clip has multiple shots in it separated by a cigarette burn hole.

      Download free sound FX here

      Make sure to get permission for any music you use in your edit! Need royalty free music? try

      Please credit any usage of these shots to:

      Cinematography by Mike Tavares

      Produced and Directed by Peter John Ross

      Starring Brandy Seymour

      shot on location downtown Columbus, Ohio

      footage courtesy of and

      © Copyright –™

      For more information, visit

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      One thing that never fails to interest me is how different professional and amature video editors, treat identical footage, if given the license to do so. Their introduction of different type/beat music and sound effects always adds a futher dimension to any production.


      The best video editors are great story tellers who very aware of their target audience.  



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