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      I am fairly experienced with photography but have somewhat limited experience with videography. I will be filming some videos for internet consumption that will require the footage be sped up by up to 10x. Almost like a time lapse. The camera will be mounted on a tripod and i will be controlling the lighting. Essentially the shot will be stationary but there will be some fairly quick motion. Like rapid stirring of a pot or a blender spinning. I will be shooting with 3 Canon T4i cameras. My question is regarding frame rate and shutter speed related to the resulting speed after being sped up. Would I be better off shooting at 24FPS and a higher shutter speed like 1/120 to reduce the blur of the motion? Is there any benefit to a higher frame rate in this scenario? I understand the relationship between Frame Rate and Shutter Speed but really don’t know how the editing process will effect the outcome. I will be editing in Premiere pro CC. Thoughts?


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      If you shoot at 24 fps and use your editing software to speed up the footage 10x (on a 24fps timeline), what it will essentially do is take (approx.) only every 10th frame, and skip all those in between. Now, usually, in video & film we actually LIKE the blur from slower shutter speeds because it smooths out our perception of motion; very high shutter speeds can make motion look unnatural (sometimes used for effect, like in the climactic shooting spree in Taxi Driver, where it was used intentionally to make the sequence jarring). If your camera’s capable of recording at a slow frame rate (with a slower shutter speed) you might want to go that way. If you can’t crank it down to 2.5 fps, slow it as much as you can, and use the edit software to get you the rest of the way.

      BUT, bottom line — SHOOT SOME TESTS: 24fps sped up in editor; slow fps(s); different shutter speeds, etc… viewing the results is really the only way to be sure you’re getting the effect you want.

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