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      I am currently shooting football games on a canon vixia hf r60 and using an SDHC 32gb card.
      I start and stop play by play to have individual files.
      I upload to dropbox to get the video to the coaches but the quality suffers.

      What are my options for the easiest/fastest way to distribute the original high quality to the coaches. Their goal is to watch it on a large tv and pause and rewind frequently.

      K Dunn

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      It’s the formats that set the quality – so what format are you uploading them as?

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      Not sure what you mean by format.
      The files are .MTS files
      The video camera is set on AVCHD. I transfer the files from the sd card to my computer and then drag and drop them into dropbox. They look great on my screen.
      What I think is happening is that the coaches are watching the files on dropbox and not downloading them and then watching.
      I tried pulling the files into a video editing software and outputting to dvd. When I played it it was all compressed looking.
      Any thoughts on how to produce the best image? Do I need to convert the video files before recording to dvd?

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      You’re going to need to ask the coaches how they’re viewing the footage. Dropbox does have a player but the quality is low res. .MTS files can be viewed with Media Player, but you probably should combine the files in an NLE and render out an MP4. I shoot lacrosse games and before transferring the footage to the contractor, convert them into an MP4 at a relatively low bit rate, around 4 Mbps in Adobe Premiere Pro. That keeps the size of the files manageable.

      You might want to take a look at Hudl, an online coaches viewing platform.

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      Quality also depends on video in which format it will be created or camera quality also matters see live sport high quality video

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