Footage for a music video?

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      Anybody have some film or video footage that might work as a music video for my new song "Tour of the Flowers"?

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      You are more than welcome to browse the clips I have available at my free stock footage blog:  There are about 150 clips there.  All are free to for any production purpose.  I hope there are some that can help you out.  Best of luck!!!

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      Amazing great there is a flower clip I can definitely use and I will be sure to credit you. Know of any free stock footage with people… its a love song so something with an attractive girl would be awesome. Thanks.

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      Hello Dan, I think i can help you with the creating of a music video for any of your tracks. I have done more than 50 music videos for the artists all around the world. I can film and edit fully personalized video for a very affordable price.
      Please contact me if you are interested, and i will send you my portfolio.
      Please contact me here:
Viewing 3 reply threads
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