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    Hi Guys

                        I'm thinking of buyin a Flycam and wondered if anyone has any experience with them?


    I was also thinking of buying the vest and arm with it, but is it worth it or should I just buy the Flycam on its own?


    I'm using it for short films, with Canon 600D


    Cheers in Advance



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    Hi Gary,


    I've been using the Flycam Nano with my Nikon D3200 for about 6 months now and I'm very pleased with my purchase. I do not have the vest and arm support, however I don't need it since the only things on my rig are my camera and an LED light (sometimes). I've held it for 6+ hours at a wedding and my arm was a little tired by the end but it didn't effect any of my shots or anything. If you were thinking of having loads of accessories on the rig then I'd say get the vest and arm support, but if it is just your camera then you'll be fine without it. You can always buy it later if you feel like you need it. The Flycam has made a huge impact on the quality of my footage, and I choose it over all other stabilizers on the market.


    I bought the Nano because of the size and the price. Turns out, these things can handle way more weight than they say they can. It came with 12-16 washer weights in the base, and I am currently only using 3. I tested Glidecams, but for the price there isn't much of a difference. The HD line of Glidecams have fine tuning knobs, which make balancing a lot easier, but for $400 more than the Nano I say no thanks. To solve the fine tuning issue I suggest getting the Fotomate 2 way macro focus rail to make balancing a breeze. Another thing you should do is get universal mounts for your Flycam, tripod, slider… whatever accessories you have so you don't have to change the base plate and re-balance.


    Helpful tips when dealing with a Flycam:


    Read the directions, Get it balanced right the first time. It takes about 30-40 minutes.


    Practice, You'll notice a difference in quality right away, but it takes time to get fluid with it.


    Don't balance with the lens cap on, because you'll end up balancing it twice.


    Balance it before your shoot to cut down your set up time.


    Here are a few videos that I've been able to produce with it


    Good luck! And let me know if you have anymore questions.



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    Thanks for replying Jordan, its much appreciated.


    It arrived on Friday, but havn't had time to play with it because of work.


    I'll send everyone my feed back once I've had a play and will also do a few videos to let people see the results……



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    This is the one I use. <a href="">flycam</a&gt; It take a little getting used to, but it definitely does make a difference.

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    Do you have any idea of Flycam 3000 stabilizer?

    Any experiance. Plz Share…


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