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      I'm shooting video for a band and we want to have black lights to make the room look a little different. We've done this in the past, and the faces came out very dark. Any suggestions on what type of lighting can be used or what type of setting should be used on my DSLR (Canon T2i)  to keep the black light feel, but also having the band members' faces be bright enough to see?

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    Perhaps spot lighting, where you have a small light (with whatever gel or color you want) shining on their faces?

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    The trouble is that UV tubes don't work on faces, because apart from teeth and some people's eyes, the skin doesn't fluoresce. If you use some lights with LEE 181 Congo Blue, this does light the face with a deep blue colour, so looks like a 'fake' UV, but 181 saps the light – so you will need quite a few light sources.

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    It would be nice if there's a product, a make-up for intance or an invisible face powder that can only be seen with the presence of the fluorescent black lighting.

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    Here's where your creativity may come in handy.  I recommend experimenting with the suggestions here. 


    There's also a very inventive music video by Sia "Soon We'll Be Found", that uses light in great ways (including black light) you may want to check out.  They use florescent paint in part of the song, on the faces.


    I still believe that spot lighting may prove to be your best bet.  That said, I wish you the best of luck!

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    UV makeup is easily available



    Pantomime UV scenes, and scary ride in theme parks.

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