Flicking in Action Cam Footage

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      Hi guys,

      I’m relatively new to the videographer scene.
      I want to edit my footage from my Sony X3000R Action Cam.

      I’ve shot a new BMW Motorcycle and got the issue that the Led Lights of the bike are flickering.
      As I can’t adjust the shutter speed, it’s hard to avoid it.

      I already tried the flicker free tool in Premiere Pro and the flicker Free tool from Digital Anarchy. Nothing worked.
      In every 5th Frame the light of the bike goes off. Sure I could delete every 5th Frame, but then the Footage doesn’t look really fluent any more.

      1. How can I fix this problem?
      2. How can I prevent it?

      Cheers Rob

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      That maybe a Problem with your camera and the LED lights. If you have a 4K camera, that is Problem they have, and you will have a hard time editing it because of the way your camera makes those frames. Your Camera Interpolates the video which means it takes a frame, makes up the next several then uses another frame from the lens, then makes a few, then gets another frame from the lens and then makes a few frames, and this continues until you stop recording. This make 4K video near impossible to edit.

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      4K isn’t any more tricky to edit? Interpolation only happens when you have frame rates that do not match – so shooting 30/60 fps and wanting a UK typical 25/50 fps product means throwing frames away which can introduce jitter, and shooting in 24/48 and then needing 30/60 requires frames to be duplicated. The problem in this case is that LED lighting has near instantaneous light up and light off states – and the car manufacturers now use PWM methods of con trolling their brightness. This means that they control the brightness by changing the amount of time they are on, not how bright they are. 50% on and 50% off is half brightness – so they just turn them on and off fast enough that the natural persistence of our eyes sees a flicker free steady state. Cameras have different shutter speeds, and different amounts of time the shutter is actually open – the old equivalent of the number of degrees open on an old fashioned film camera. The only way to reduce this effect on the car lights is to experiment with the camera shutter speeds – and hopefully one will be safe.

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      Another way he could fix this make a red image in GIMP, the size of the tail light, put it on a transparent background, save it as .PNG file, put that on the timeline and picture in picture the PNG and then move it frame by frame to follow the light on the car. Rotoscoping is what that is called
      You can get GIMP here – https://www.gimp.org/downloads/

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