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      Hey everybody,
      I'm new to the forum. I just started getting into shooting weddings. A couple months back I saw a wedding video done by stillmotion and was amazed that instead of just capturing a series of events, they were able to tell an engaging story. I was inspired to shoot one myself. So here is my first attempt:
      I look forward to being involved in this community.
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      AvatarTom Kat

      Joseph, Nice work on the hightlight video. I too am new to shooting weddings and have been checking out a lot of videos on youtube. What camera do you use?



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      You know,it is really splendid, if you are telling this is your first wedding video,the motion,pictures and correct timing you've used,is really awesome.My one of friend was working for this field,you know i got to showing this video to him.Thums up Mann

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