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      Looking for some feedback on my first wedding video. Shot with 1 Sony HDR CX360. Edited with Imovie. I have no formal training and am considering some sort of film training. Any and all feedback is welcome. Feel free to skip the speech and parental dances. Also feel free to laugh at the ridiculous dancers. Thanks for watching.


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      Not bad for a 'firstie'. You had some sound issues when the wedding party entered the reception. You cut out the natural sound abruptly and put music in with no transition. Looks like you didn't do a whitebalance for each scene shot (church, reception hall) so your colors are slightly off. Also depending on what camera you used, either a higher ISO or gain setting would have given better exposures since you had no working lights. You spent much less time covering the wedding and much more on the reception.

      Of course, what matters most is whether the couple dug your work and paid you for it! So like I said before, 'not bad for a firstie'.


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      Thanks, I did the video for free. Wanted to see what I could do. I think im more of an editor than a videographer lol. The camera was just a basic sony handycam. Thanks for the feedback.

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      Disclaimer (lol): My name is Damon and I believe in HONEST criticism. I feel that to get people to expand their knowledge and be the BEST at what they do, they deserve honest critiscm and to know what was good, and bad, and what can be improved on. I don't just tell you what you want to hear. I tell you what you need to know. So, if you do have a problem with honest critisicm and feel you might get mad at me, then DO NOT read on. thank you.


      I am a fellow beginner and a passionate one


      My honest to god feedback is to get rid of the handycam. I started out with a handycam and everytime i watch footage I shot with it, I start making a disgusted face. Whether HD or SD, they don't capture the beauty of a wedding. The shots were good but minimal in the wedding. You have an opportunity to transmit emotions through vows and the overall ceremony AS WELL as the reception. I believe you cut all these out and to me, it was just random shots on top of music. My suggestion would be to create a story. I did like the party (what were THEY doing. lol) and the last two minutes with the montage of wedding pics. Don't forget to white balance all your locations. Different location. New white balance. For a newbie, first wedding, it was ok . Depending on your goals (if this was just a trial, or if you plan on going forward with this) I would suggest alot of reading and learning just in case you want to be competitive in this videography market. Stay tuned for my pet peeve.


      My pet peeve: People lying about things for the sake of somebody's feelings and that person goes throughout life thinking they are really great when they really need alot of work. This is the motivation for my abrupt and blunt honesty.

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