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      Hi  Guys

       I went to youtube and liked it 

      For your first video Well done!  I won't judge you.  I would make a request. A  would enjoy a video of

      him falling down as people approach.  That's a bigger deal and get bigger reactions.   Who knows?  Some people might try to help and others walk right by.


      It is hard getting comments sometime, so I wanted to give you one.



      And I am interested in feedback on a video I made callled FREEZING COLD SHOWER WORLD RECORD.   It is a liitle long as I wanted to show I stayed in there the whole time and find things to do from norma stuff like shaving to making phone calls and other stuff.  Lots of yelling it was freezing.

      If you could tell me if it was funny or entertaining. Or whether you stopped watching after a few minutes.   If you like it and make a comment, you are welcome to post your video as a video response.




Viewing 1 reply thread
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