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      Greeting Commercial Video Community

      Me and my friend shot our first promotional video and it was for a 4 star restaurant in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore called Supano's SteakHouse. We shot the video and uploaded it to our Youtube channel but were having trouble getting it out there and finding outlets to promote the video since were not very internet-savvy guys. So if anyone wants to upload the video(first link) to their Youtube channel please go ahead. You will have all the the rights to the video, and obviously any new views and subscribers you may incur will be all yours since it would be on your Youtube channel. Also the video is currently located on the Restaurants websites (the second link) under our channel. But as we stated we relinquished all rights to the video and allow others to upload it. We also turned it into a contest! So whoever garners the most views and likes after one week, the video will be re-uploaded to the Restaurant's website under that person's Youtube channel! Again you will have all the rights to the video, We just want the video to get out there. 



      If you want to participate email me your Youtube Channel when you Upload the video and I can send you the video in an Mp4 or .Mov file. at: 

      We will announce the winner on our Youtube Channel:


       Rules to participate

      Rule 1: You Have to have the same title we have for the title of the video

      Rule 2: You Have to have the same bio for video that we have for the video, but you can add on only one extra sentence if you wish to change it.

      Rule 3: You CAN change the thumb-link picture

      Rule 4: One Like=two views 

      Rule 5: Views=0 likes

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        Participating is optional of you want the video just email me, I just want the vide to recieve more exposure since it is our first video.

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