First Job as Videographer – The do´s and dont´s?

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      I just scored my first job as videographer, creating around 6-7 1min shorts for a small start-up company. Yesterday I met with the employer at his home and we talked about the overall project. He himself has no real idea as to how this should like, and provided me with a script with the stuff he wanted to say during his first interview. We were starting right away, however the wheather was kinda grim, so I decided on shooting a test interview indoors (so I had some test footage to fiddle around with).

      However, now to my question: What is expected of me? Now this might seem kinda vague, but everything I´m doing right now seems kinda novel to me. I been directing my own shorts and music vids in the past, mainly with friends and colleagues, but this is basically my first dip into the professional world of videography.

      Like how many times am I supposed to keep him up to date? For example with the test footage I been creating right now, should I provide him with the footage I´ve been editing( even though this wouldn´t be relevant to the actual interview)? Should I create storyboards? I´m inclined to overwork myself sometimes, yet the contract states that I be paid for work up to 10 hours per week and not more. So how much effort should I effectively invest into this?

      I´m kinda confused and nervous and not sure as to what I should expect from you guys. I hope you can provide a young upstart videographer/filmmaker with advise. Thank you

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