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      Hi, I made a video with alot of edits for the first time and would really appreciate some feedback.
      I have made a few videos in the past but never anything edited as much as this one.

      Any constructive criticism would be very much appreciated, thanks 🙂

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      Not really sure what sort of constructive criticism you’re looking for? It doesn’t feel like I’m watching a ‘video’, but it does feel like I’m watching you play a ‘video’ game. Can’t tell what’s been edited and what is just game play, but then maybe that’s the whole idea?

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      Editing is the art of storytelling, of taking material and assembling it in such a way that the viewer/listener/reader can understand what’s happening. This understanding may be intellectual, it may be visceral or emotional; whatever, the story must communicate at some level. The storytelling method doesn’t have to be linear, but it must engage us. Your clip appears to be about shooting and mayhem: but who’s shooting, and at what, and why should I care — either about the shooter or the destroyed? Think Luke Skywalker in the first film of the series, for example.

      Sadly, in what you’ve presented for “criticism” it’s impossible to determine from watching the video the viewpoint — i.e., whose story it is — how we’re supposed to understand what’s going on visually, and how you intend us to relate/respond to the material.

      Perhaps you can take your new-found cutting skills and try applying them to a simple, linear story for a start; a story that begins with a clearly defined starting point, progresses through a series of complications, and concludes with a resolution of the complications. Old fashioned, perhaps, but it’s really what editing is all about.

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      I understand that it seems like things come out of nowhere for anyone uninvolved with the world of Fallout 4, and thus it may seem like things are completely out of context and there is no point either than mayhem and explosions(which I can agree it is to some extent either way, half the point of the video is the mayhem and chaos of raiding the so called Brotherhood and Prydwen). But I sitll appreciate the criticism and I’ll try to keep some things in mind for next time I try making something.

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      When you make a gaming video you are targeting a very specific audience. Anyone else will probably not understand or have much of an interest in it. So, this is not the best place to ask. You’d be better off posting this on a video game forum and seeing what they think. But as a “gamer,” I will give you my opinion (though I’ve never played Fallout).

      I’m guessing the point is to show you playing though a chaotic level and discovering something cool. For that, it works… but it’s a little slow and not engaging for an audience that tends to be more impatient and loose attention quickly. The slow fades to black are mostly unnecessary and get repetitive. Try a different transition, and maybe compress time by some other method, like speeding footage up at points to get through uninteresting parts without breaking continuity. Many people will add a voice track to narrate what’s happening in their videos too. Also, I’m really not sure why you included a bit of sound from Battlefield 3 halfway through.

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